Promotion Campaign


Promotion Campaign

The most global promotion of the year for network partners!

Receive mega luxurious gifts from innovative gadgets to a comfortable 200 m² office with furnishings and support, while earning in MinePlex's most profitable business strategy!
We are announcing the coolest gift marathon that any MinePlex partner can receive:

Get Mine tokens on your balance! You've never seen such expensive gifts in one program before! Be one of those who will come out ahead!

Crediting from 17 000 to 4 500 000 MINE
For the most unbeatable and successful partners:
Crediting 5 500 000 tokens MINE to your balance in your personal cabinet
Crediting 8 500 000 tokens MINE to your balance in your personal cabinet

Campaign launch:

26 June 2022

( 06:00 UTC )


26 June 2022

( 06:00 UTC )

Awarding prizes:

with 26 June 2022

( 06:00 UTC )

How to get prizes:
Attract new members to the program
Close the required personal turnover (first line) or network turnover within 40 days
You could be the one to receive one of the most luxurious gifts of the year from MinePlex
Attention! Past achievements in turnover are not taken into account.

Additionally, according to closed turnovers, ranks will be assigned and new cool bonuses will be unlocked. As a bonus, the strongest leaders will receive Gold MinePlex VIP badges.

List of prizes

To receive this gift you must meet one of the two described conditions: reach network turnover on the first line or reach the figures of the total network turnover.

Want to get luxury gifts and open your own office in your city at MinePlex's expense?

You know what to do!
Close the required first line turnover or network turnover. There are 40 days from June 1 (00:00 UTC) to July 11 (00:00 UTC) 2022 to close the turnover.
Pick up a gift from Mineplex
Attention! Past turnover achievements do not count. Each participant, according to the completed plan, may choose one gift or cash equivalent (or equivalent in tokens).
Get one of 11 elite gifts and incredibly generous bonuses by earning in MinePlex's most profitable and exclusive business program!

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